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On The Front Lines of the Culture War, Hero Brands Helps Patriots Stand Their Ground…

Hero Brand products help you tell liberty hating, wannabe tyrants of the world exactly where you stand. Our bold, highly effective products will inspire fellow patriots to join you in declaring that the undying American spirit is stronger than ever.

Our Mission

At Hero Brands, we’re not afraid of telling the world exactly where we stand. Just like you, we’ll never… ever hide our patriotism or our unyielding belief in the American Spirit.

The products and content found under the Hero Brand’s lineup are boldly designed and created to help you feel the same way we do and express those beliefs to others.

As always, every brand under the Hero Brand’s lineup is based in the United States and staffed and operated by Americans.

About Us


Hero Brands is always looking for talented patriots. If you love America and are looking for a new opportunity to grow your career then submit an application to see if you're a fit.

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There are many ways that we express our patriotism. We've created a select few all-American brands that embody one core value, our American Spirit.

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