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On The Front Line of the Culture War

Our Company

At Hero Brands, we’re not afraid of telling the world exactly where we stand. Just like you, we’ll never… ever hide our patriotism or our unyielding belief in the American Spirit.

And just like you, we won’t back down, be silenced, or sidelined by weak liberal media talking points or so-called “woke” mob cancel-culture. Regardless of how much they’ll cry and wail in rage.

Honestly, triggering haters of American exceptionalism is what fuels us at Hero Brands.

The products and content found under the Hero Brand’s lineup are boldly designed and created to help you feel the same way we do and express those beliefs to others.

Our Proud Patriots brand of pro-America themed collectable coins, bills, and accessories are meant to be openly displayed or given as gifts to fellow patriots.

The conservative Liberty Apparel line of clothing, hats, and unique accessories look great, are built tough, and made to be boldly worn by every patriotic American looking to send a message of where they stand.

Our popular newsletter, Conservative Consumer, keeps you up to date on the latest happenings in our movement while also alerting consumers to deals on great products from partner companies that are also dedicated to defending our proud American way of life.

As always, every brand under the Hero Brand’s lineup is based in the United States and staffed and operated by Amercians.

Our Values

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Mistakes are okay as long as we identify and learn from them.
collaboration and teamwork


Moving the company forward is a team effort.
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Never settling, constantly looking for improvement and innovation.
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Cultivating a workplace that we’re excited to be a part of.
Freedom and power


Empowering our team to build the life they deserve.

Our brands

There are many ways that we express our patriotism. We've created a select few all-American brands that embody one core value, our American Spirit.